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In my opinion., this school year was a total success.Well not really. I moved to Mr.Lee classroom when I was perfectly fine in Ms. Coles’ classroom. My best friends were there and my worst enemy were there. Then that privilege was taken away by Mr.Lee/ Mr. Giorgi. So what really happened was that one day Mr. Giorgi came into our class room and said to blah, blah, blah, people come with me please. I thought I was in trouble. Then I came upon a classroom where used to be the Gr. 5 ESL class. Then I saw a teacher sitting on a chair and I was terrified than ever in my life. And it turns out to be my homeroom teacher. And here I am telling you the story of horridness.

Those days were gone when I made it to the VOLLEYBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing competing/ battling with other schools and with Mr. Lee’s amazing and strict coaching we were the champions. I thought that I had a talent on a sport. I adored/loved it.

My goals were making new friends with people and it was a total success with the help of an overnight trip with friends. We played and learned wolf prowl and we learned how to read the stars. Some of us found the stars and it was so amazing. Then we knew to have teamwork.

My favourite was Track n’ Field. Even though I did not make it to track and field, I was a substitute for a wildcard. I wanted them to use a wildcard for triple long jump but it did not turn out that way.And now since I had an okay year, I HOPE TO HAVE A BETTER YEAR NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!

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First Conatact



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Map of the world










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Video Game suggestions!!!


Animal Jam is a game that the national geographic program made/invented. This is a game about learning different kinds of animals and trying to save some of the instincts animals and donating money. They also help you learn about insects, animals, and even mammals. If you press on things you learn different kinds of animals too. I play this game like other people do. You  must try playing it.

Animal Jam VideoYou can watch this video and know how to play it. The best hing is if you are a member than you get to do special. It will be amazing. Also this video will get  you started to play this game is to click on To Get Started. After you watch this video, play it a few ties and make friends with other people. This is it for now.


For getting free member account. If you do get it then, you can start doing things that you like. Or you can do things you wanted to do. But remember to get this approved by you 50% that you might get it approved and you might not.





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Animal Cruelty


Do you like cool, awesome, and cute different kinds of animals? Well I do. It is the best thing about being human or you could say the best thing about life.But imagine you  were an innocent fennec fox and scientists are spraying perfume in your eyes. They are asking you if it hurts and you really want to say yes but you can’t talk because you do not know English and they shot you so your paralyzed.Would you like that? Most of you will say no. This is animal cruelty. So are you against animal cruelty or not? We’ll find out.

Your a good boy husky, wait where are you taking husky give it back! Just do not bring them to the puppy mills. Oops, did I just say that? Warning: Do not be surprised,shocked,or even cry. Puppy mill are where they keep different kinds of puppies in one tiny,tiny cage with no food,water or a proper shelter. These people do not treat these dogs as human when they have feelings, hearts, and organs just like us. Also they use forced to do everything. For example they force full grown dogs to breed puppies and those puppies are not treated nicely and they get sicknesses and illnesses.

Chop, chop, chop. What’s that sound? It is the slaughter house. Slaughter houses kill innocent poor animals. They do not deserve to be treated like this.Some slaughter houses auction the amount of meat to get a lot of money. But at the same time meat is good for your muscles and it helps your muscles grow.

Animals are  creatures in the world that are intelligent, kind,and friendly. They can be you best friend! Animal cruelty is the opposite of that. Doing that activity animal cruelty makes us not be human. But when you help the animals, you get to fill up your holes to make your rest of your body human.  I will prove it when you listen to this true story.  There once was an owner with a very kind dog. The two of them went swimming to this lake where the alligators were located. The dog knew that and barked and distracted the alligators so his owner could survive. It saved his or her’s life.

Why put perfume in an innocent bunny’s eyes than putting it in a prisoner who has done murder and ask them if it hurts. Why slaughter animals when there are so much other things to do. Why treat your pets like junk and they usually save your life? We need to stop this now. We only a little help, all we need is you.

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Where would I visit once again…. I would visit Japan one more time. They have the beautiful cherry blossom just keeps attracting and telling me to come to Japan once more time. It would be amazing to see Osaka Castle too.  I can’t wait to see and go to Japan once more/one more time.

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The low light about Japan was that there is still a castle left and built long time ago. An artifact from long time ago is still standing in this very day. Isn’t that amazing?

The highlights of Japan is that there are a lot of good quality cars and their beautiful cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms are really pretty.

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How will I tell them about my journey? Look in my story in my previous post.

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My Journey


Day #1

 My first day of my adventure, isn’t it amazing? So I first packed all my things. I headed on out for a new day when suddenly my grandma came and said she was going to stay with me for ten days! This was really bad. I have a plane ticket in my hand and I am clutching it with anger. That meant the only way to solve this problem is with my invention of the “Mirror”. I would spray a perfume on me and it would duplicate another self of….. Me! WARNING: THIS IS ONLY FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS!  So I let the duplicate self of me take care of my grandmother. Whew that was close, I said to my self. And I headed on for a new day on my plane ticket.


 The next morning, I was in my hotel room in New York City. I stretched and went to the lobby to eat breakfast. Warm homemade waffles and orange juice. What a nice meal. Then I got ready and went to see the musical of “The Lion King”. It was so spectacular!. When he musical was done, I went back to my hotel and rested in a nice hot bath tub. Was that the end of the day? No it wasn’t. I headed on out to go shopping.

Day #3

 I got ready to go to Switzerland the next day. My passport,check,my phone check, my camera che-ck? Wait what? I left my camera here in this very spot few minutes ago. Oh I left it in the wash room. I grabbed it and went to the air port. Switzerland, here I come!


  When I arrived in Switzerland, I realized my aunt lived there. So I visited my aunt and my cousins. My cousins are so cute. Anyways when I arrived my there, there were duplicate and my grand mother. I am doomed. I couldn’t hide anywhere because my aunt’s house was so small. There is no room to hide in. When my grandmother saw me, she was really furious. “How dare you put me with a duplicate of your self ?” I didn’t have anything to say but say sorry. I had  to buy another plane ticket for my grandma. Whew…. Anyways I went to the air port with my grandma. Now finally we can visit Japan. When we arrived there, I found out that my dad was there. He went there to work in a famous company.What was the name? Anyways I went to the park where the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Beautiful. Another day ends after that.


 The next morning, I was very tired after a long long long day yesterday. My grandma finally said she wanted to go back to Canada so I sent her back. Finally a day by my self. It was just terrible. I just relaxed for the day. Only for today


 Yesterday? Sure, it was tiring but did that stop me from doing other things? No! I went shopping to buy junk and valuable things. And on that day I wanted to go back too like my grandmother. I packed my stuff and said C…A…N….A…D…A… here…..I… co…me… I was so tired that I couldn’t talk.


I suddenly woke up from my dream. Wow that was sure a dream. And I went to tell my mom all about my invention and other things.

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Different Languages


Where are the toilets?

Où sont les toilettes?(French)


 Doko ni toire wa arimasu ka?(Japanese)

어디 화장실 은 ?

 eodi hwajangsil eun ?(Korean)

How much is a cup of coffee?

한 잔의 커피 는 얼마입니까?

 han jan-ui coffee neun eolmaibnikka?(Korean)


Kōhīkappu wa ikuradesu ka?(Japanese)

Combien coûte une tasse de café ?(French)

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